Terms & Conditions

The complete terms and conditions for this sale are listed below. All items in the internet sale, offered by Engel’s Collectibles, Inc., are subject to these terms and conditions. All bidding is done on-line by registered bidders who have acknowledged, by checking the box, that they have read the Conditions of Sale and will abide by them.

Engel’s Collectibles, Inc., the House, reserves the right to reject any bid from any bidder.  A bidder not known to The House is required to submit bank or other suitable references two weeks in advance of the sale. Members of the I.A.A. or E.C.R.A. are considered ‘known’ to The House. 

Items in the sale are sold “As Is” and have been inspected and described very carefully. Virtually no item is in mint condition as these are collectibles, subject to handling, marking, engraving, taping, and old age.  Major deficiencies are noted, such as cracked necks or bases, large dents, holes in material, and so forth.  If, upon receiving an item there is a question of authenticity, the buyer shall notify The House, in writing, of said problem. The item shall then be returned in the same condition as when sold to The House within two weeks (14 days) of the written notice.  A full refund will be returned if the House has made a mistake.

Although the utmost care is taken to describe and note antique items, errors can occur. Experts in the field are consulted on consignments but even then an unknown factor can alter the initial description.  Reloaded specimens are not always easy to spot. If a prospective bidder has a question, he/she needs to ask it before the auction begins. A majority of Maynard cartridges have been reloaded at least once. 

This is a reduction auction. Only the 2nd high bid is posted on-line during the auction, protecting the highest bidder. The final price shall be the sum of the 2nd highest bid plus one bidding increment. 

All shipping charges are the responsibility of the buyer. Ammunition must be sent via UPS ground. The bidder agrees to make payment, in U.S.A. funds, credit card, or PayPal, within 14 days of the auction.  If there are any applicable state or local sales taxes, the buyer will be responsible for them. A buyer premium of thirteen percent (13%) is added to all purchases.  

All buyers must be of legal age to purchase ammunition, and in states that have special requirements, these must be observed. The state of Illinois requires a FOID as one example. The House must have a copy of special certificates before shipping.  New York requires a licensed gun dealer to receive cartridges. 

The lots are available for inspection in Pennsylvania by appointment only.  Should any natural or human disaster prevent the delivery of lots won in the auction, The House shall be limited to the purchase price actually paid.  

Bidding increments shall be as follows:
$5  to $14………………..$1
$15 to $49……………….$2
$50 to $99……………….$5
$100 to $499……..…..$10
$500 to $749………....$25
$750 to $999………….$50
$1000 and above….$100

Bidder, by checking the box, ………, you agree to the Conditions of Sale in all respects. Failure to agree prevents your registration to the auction.